WINTER QUARTER is just one piece of a unique and precious fabric called the Bluegrass of Central Kentucky. Native Americans from far and wide sought out this area to hunt its superior game. In fact the derivation of the word Kentucky can be traced to the Iroquois language for buffalo hunting grounds or “meadow lands.”

Later, as Europeans settled here they found that foraging animals —cattle, sheep and, yes, horses— grew in bone and substance like no others known. For at least 200 years this land surrounding Lexington has produced the best horses on earth. Horsemen worldwide seek out this product at sales or endeavor to raise them here.

At the same time the vibrant and prosperous communities of Lexington,Versailles, or Paris have created pressure to develop much of this prime Bluegrass – in the end eliminating forever our irreplaceable resource. Wishing to preserve and protect Winter Quarter for future generations, the Robinson family has chosen to place a permanent conservation easement on all of its acres through the Lexington-Fayette Purchase of Development Rights program.

If you are interested in land conservation and prosperous future for the Bluegrass, we suggest you explore two great organizations dedicated to those ends – The Fayette Alliance and The Bluegrass Conservancy. To find out more about the most successful farmland preservation of its kind in the United States, contact LFUCG PDR.